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My Mission

Nikki Noodle aims to stimulate, inspire and motivate children, parents and teachers in the area of sustainable awareness and nature connection.


Nikki is an Early Childhood Educator as well as a singer and songwriter who has developed a collection of songs and videos for children. These resources are designed teach the boundless wonders, intricacies and lessons nature has to offer. The songs spark conversations, trigger questions and ignite explorations that dive deep into our relationship with the natural world.

My Story

When I began writing songs with my 3-4 years olds in 2019, it was magic. The children told me exactly what they wanted to write songs about and we created them together. The first song we wrote for the Nikki Noodle project, was The Snail Song, which gives the perspective of a snail, as well as a magpie who decides to eat the snail for morning tea. The children experience a range of emotions through the song, as they relate to both creatures, and they learn about the life cycle. This song was not only inspired but also co-written by children.

My Promise

After years of travelling, and much of that time spent in wild natural places around the world, I turned towards Early Childhood Education. With good fortune, to have had wonderful mentors and teachers who assisted my study, and also helped to shape my own philosophy.  It was during these years that my passion to share with children what I had learned from spending time with and connecting with nature in my life, was born, nourished and grown. My promise is to keep learning and growing, and to share that with children around the world in a way that is joyful, thoughtful, sustainably aware, informative and most of!

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